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95percentile report.

Rossel Vermette

Hey folks,


Looking for assistance on how to create a 95percentile report, (a table with one line per router interface that will show me the 95 percentile of that interface).  I would also like the data to only look at the time frame of business hours of operation.  Just not sure on how to approach this one.

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    Christopher White

    Hi Rossel,


    Good timing — I actually just put together a sample plugin that does almost precisely what you’re asking for.  I need to clean the code up a bit and write up a blog post about it.  It’s a plugin for the SteelScript Application Framework, so relies on some of the functionality that the framework provides beyond what comes with just the core SteelScript — like Python Pandas and the existing Business Hours plugin already available there.


    Give me a day or two and I’ll get something posted.  Ping me if you want a preview and I’ll send over what I have right now that still has some rough edges.