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Virtual Steelhead

Abdullah Al Hattali

Dear all,


I just installed VSH in ESXi4 in two laptops computers, both are connected in my test lab network through switches and two routers connected with serial interface. I'm trying to simulate the WAN optimization for my university project. Every things from the installation point view looks fine, the VSH looks Healthy, I can ping them both way. However, I can't see any optimization or rather i don;t know how to test it, i did create web site in one Laptop using windows IIS and trying to access it from the second one, also i mapped  a driver in the first one and access it from the second PC trying to download some files, but as i side there is no optimization. I also create a fixed target rule in the client side as well as peering rule and i can see the peer in each of them.. Therefore, I would be happy if some one could help me please.