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TaeYang .

Hi All,


    Here is my first SCA POC environment, however  the SCA optimization didn't happen. So please give us some advice about setting or deployment, thanks in advance!

                                                                            Internet    HK office

                                                                                   |         | (MPLS)    

Sales office client --- Switch --- SH --- Router --- MPLS --- Router --- (be ready to install SH) --- Switch --- Head office

    Firstly, we installed one Riverbed into Sales office and wanted to optimize O365 traffic. The setting is below:

                1、Register Cloud portal and enable Cloud Accelerator option, grant SH and direct mode etc.

                2、Remove 443 port on SH and open UDP 9545 on Checkpoint for outbound traffic at Head office.

     however we can't see any optimized connection at SH, then we check the attached log and most of log content  claim as below:

    StubResolver: Hostname a435.srip1.akasrip.net.00000000.9D2F584.297693.3.cn.akasripcn.net timed out.  Self penalizing!  Penalty level: 1, Retry time: 30000

     But we can ping this domain from Inpath of SH and it could work. After know more about the background, the sales office client should go to head office, go through proxy server(it is at HK office)  and  then Internet.

    So how to set up correctly or fix the issue that SH can't optimize O365 traffic?

    And customer want to optimize traffic between Sales and Head office, so we will plan to install another SH, if so, should SSH apply Cloud Acceleration key and change back-haul mode or some great idea, thx in advance!