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Flyscript portal setup and config

John Whitlow



After going through the "Initialize and Setup" for the Flyscript portal VM described in Splash "Get Started Quickly with Flyscript VM", I am unable to continue with the configuration.


/flyscript/flyscript_portal/ does not exist.



vagrant@precise32:/$ ls

bin   etc         lib         mnt   root  selinux  tmp      var

boot  home        lost+found  opt   run   srv      usr      vmlinuz

dev   initrd.img  media       proc  sbin  sys      vagrant

vagrant@precise32:/$ cd vagrant

vagrant@precise32:/vagrant$ ls

flyscript-vm-config  LICENSE  manifests  modules  README.md  Vagrantfile




I also noticed that apache2 was not loaded as part of the VM, so I was not able to get anything with  Once I loaded, I was able to get a default page with entered on my local host browser (It Works - nothing loaded yet).


What am I missing here?