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Vagrant 4.3 compatibility issue

John Whitlow



I am using the "Get Started Quickly with a Flyscript Virtual Machine" Splash entry, but have run into compatibility issues with Vagrant files



The version of Vagrant that I downloaded and installed is 4.3.10, which appears to be the only version available at present. 



There were warnings and/or errors while loading your Vagrantfile

for the machine 'default'.


Your Vagrantfile was written for an earlier version of Vagrant,

and while Vagrant does the best it can to remain backwards

compatible, there are some cases where things have changed

significantly enough to warrant a message. These messages are

shown below.



* `config.vm.customize` calls are VirtualBox-specific. If you're

using any other provider, you'll have to use config.vm.provider in a

v2 configuration block.



Is there a way around this?