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Inquiries about cluster 9350 IC's with 10G, 1G Etherchannel functionalities

Magdy Milad


One of our customers has Interceptors are running 3.0b-dhl1 and Steelheads RiOS 7.0.6.

> Can we have on each interfaceptor - in same cluster - 2 Etherchannel links 1G and another 2 Etherchannel links running 10G ? and should we have links are identical on both IC's or not?

> My understanding is xBridge functionality is linked to the 10 Gb cards. If I have mixture of cards 1Gb and 10Gb cards in the Interceptor and xBridge is enabled, is it issue or not? I assume it is working only on 10 Gb cards/ports in such situations, am I right?
> Can I run xBridge functionality on one Interceptor (equipped with 10 Gb card) and NOT run xBridge on second interceptor (not equipped with 10 Gb card) when those Interceptor are in cluster?

Thanks to advise

Magdy Milad