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Failure to Register & Upload Peering Cert to Cloud Portal

Joel Bennett



We are in process setting up Office 365 acceleration and are at the step to register and create the peered trust with the cloud steelhead.  I can succesfully register my steelhead's using the activation key, however they show up in the portal as missing information such as host name, status, RIOS version, etc.  It just has their serial number.  They appear in the cloud in the "Steelheads Pending Service" category.  I then grant them service and they flow over to that category just fine.


They are now stuck as not yet peered.  The log says "Peered certificate upload failed", and many of the infromational items are in 'Unknown" status.


To test connectivity, I have gone on the steelhead via putty and confirmed that it can ping and UDP to port 9545 to the riverbed cloud and receive the appropriate response.