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Sensor-VE upgrade on many devices


I have about 150 SH EX560 with Sensor-VE on each

now i need to upgrade from to software

The main trouble is that on some locations internet speed is very-very bad, for example 128kbit satellite with often disconnects. And i can upload files only 10 hours per day(only on night).


So CMC upgrade is not solution for me - if downloading update iso will not completed - office will be stopped.


So my questions:

1. How i can choose which appliance should upgraded on my manual command and which should not.

2. How can i setup automatical upgrade to do it only on night time

3. Is there're a way to upload an update iso image of Sensor-VE software directly to it by using

* scp

* or the better rsync/wget for resuming aborted downloads

* may be there's a way to split update package to a smaller files and collect them back to a single file ?


About my scp problem - i can't login via ssh/scp

I have default settings security compliance, but ssh still unavailble for admin user.

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    Edwin Groothuis

    Try uploading it first to a client behind the Steelhead in the way which fits your network best. Then upload it locally to the Steelhead appliance.


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    Daniel Thomson

    Hi Vasily,


    Not an easy one to answer with no remote control or local admin. Depending on the global region, Christmas day could be an option with a larger upgrade window (downtime) for the ISO image over the WAN. Other that that you are going to really struggle with those 128k links and no local servers to host the ISO by postal USB.

    I would be interested to know your reason for the upgrades and also what the sensor-ve is typically giving you above and beyond the Netflow export available from the remote Steelhead.

    I would also be interested to know your plans with your sensor-ve estate as they are end of feature software release December 2014.




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      If i understand right - there's no way to partially upload update.

      Reasons are: in initial configuration we locally upload Sensor-VE package version 10.0.1

      After installation some devices we find, that they can't connect to profiler, one of advice was to upgrade Sensor-VE to 10.0.7 version. And the next my investigation was - how we can do this task on all devices, without local update.

      Some of devices can be updated simply, they have good network channel.

      But some with very bad channel located in difficult to access locations.

      ok we'll plan to local update, but the best solution which is interest is partally upload to a steelhead/sensor-ve, not local PC.


      I can ask my colleague about number of ticket, where he discuss this problem

      About our plans on this devices, i think we should continue in email, not this thread