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Steelhead cloud accelerator for POC

apc steelhead

Can anyone help me!



I will be providing a POC for SaaS using Google Apps at our clients.


Can you help me the proper configuration for this.


The following setup is;





Branch Client -----Switch ------ Client SH ----- Router --------- WAN -------- Router-------Server SH -------- Switch ---------- Proxy Server





1. Branch client access internet by way of Data center through Proxy server.

2. Branch client will be optimized using Google Apps.

3. QoS is already setup at both steelhead.

4. Should both steelhead will be upgraded to Rios with SCA ?

5. Where should SCA be configured -  Client SH ? Server SH ?

6. What type of mode will I configure - direct mode ? back hauled mode?

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    Nathan Chan

    Hi Boyet,


    I'm not absolutely sure about the ramifications of using a proxy server (pretty sure there should be none) but here are my thoughts logically:


    Connections to Proxy Servers from Clients are separate TCP sessions to the Proxy Server Connection to Internet.

    So :

    - Clients will use standard HTTP/s optimisation between client and proxy server

    - SCA will be required on the SSH for Proxy to SaaS service connections.

    - Mode will be Direct mode on the SSH.

    - CA's will need to be applied to proxy server.


    I also just found that there is a great doc on the support site (support.riverbed.com):

    Do a search for "Deployment Guide - SCA with Enterprise Proxy" and this doc goes thru "all" the steps