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Cache check load on webservers - resourceRecheckInterval not enough

This question is regarding Aptimize for SharePoint version 2.6 and earlier.  We have Aptimize installed on each webserver and as designed, it marks each object in memory cache to be rechecked after 60 seconds.  So as long as you get at least one hit a minute, Aptimize will request every object in cache at the same instant, once per minute, per webserver.    Our webservers handled this default behavior when cache had 10 objects, when it had 100 objects, but are having problems as we near (and pass) 1,000 objects. 


As cache nears 1,000 objects with a number of webservers in a load balanced pool, at any moment one of those servers could be trying to serve 1,000 simulatneous requests in addition to the usual load.   Now you can use Aptimize's resourceRecheckInterval setting to split those 1,000+ objects via file extension or folder based exclusions, but it is only a temporary solution for sites with ever-changing content and content structures.  


A potential solution would be to deploy Aptimize 2.6 with the updated resourceRecheckInterval settings as an off-box load-balanced pool instead of on each webserver.   Has anyone had similar experience or cache behavior for their implementation?  If so, how did you work around it?