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RSP package fail

Glenn Hutchinson

I am transferring a RSP package which is about 11GB to my 1050M and it gets to about 2.5 GB and fails with the following message. - "Name_Server.pkg" is not a valid package archive.


Any ideas

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    Are you trying to upload the package via the GUI?  If so, 2gb is your limit.  You can have the SH pull the package from a server, but I find the easiest thing is to just push it via SCP.  There was also a bug with wget (which is used to pull) but that should have been fixed it all recent versions.


    You can get pscp.exe (from the maker of putty) at http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/pscp.exe


    Usage is:


    pscp.exe my.pkg admin@steelhead:/rsp/packages/


    You'll be prompted for the admin password and it should upload from there.