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SNMP Traps

Matthew Eason

Hi All,

Looking through the SteelHead documentation I see SNMP traps can be enabled. I don't however see any options to enable certain traps and disable others, i.e custom trap configuration. Can anyone with experience in the matter please confirm whether individual traps can be disabled.


The documentation makes reference to alerts/alarms so I guess that by disabling an alarm option you would disable the associated trap. I wonder is it possible to leave all alarms enabled but disable certain traps only?


Thanks in advance,

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    Chris Geary

    Yes, there isn't any granularity on trap transmission. You should be able to filters them, though, with your trap receiver though. This would be preferable to disabling alarms on the Steelhead.

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      D Y

      Old thread I know. However, how do we know which traps specifically the appliance will be sending out.


      If we are filtering from the receiver itself. Then we will have to put it into prod and wait for traps to come by and determine if it's required or can be filtered. That could possibly take forever, isn't it?