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MAPI 7830

Arafat Rahman


We use customized MAPI port which is 24577. After adding RB steelhead in domain, we are seeing optimization on 24577. But still can see a lot of traffic going without optimization on 7830 (MAPI) port. 


Whats the go with that? Is there way to optimize it? According to RB doco, 7830 is used by RiOS.


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    Daniel Thomson


    sounds like you are using outlook 2007 with encryption turned on. Are you seeing red waring traingles for each 7830 current connection? first , uncheck encryption support within the outlook 2007 client and see if this provides optimizations for 7830?

    the steelhead can support outlook 2007 encryption if configured in the right manner.




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    James Helmly

    The documentation I find, including KB 1930, show 7830 as a MAPI Exchange port.  Also, the port labels show a gap in the Riverbed port between 7820 & 7850: 7744, 7800-7801, 7810, 7820, 7850, 7860, 7870.


    KB 1930:

    The Steelhead appliance and RiOS use the following TCP ports:


    <span>Port </span>




    Data store sync port 


    In-path port 


    Out-of-path port 


    Failover port 


    MAPI Exchange port 


    NSPI port


    Connection forwarding (neighbor) port


    Interceptor appliance


    Used by Steelhead Mobile to communicate with the Mobile Controller.




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    If you are seeing the 7830 traffic on client machine or between the client machine and the client side steelhead then it is expected. This traffic will not be optimized.


    The way MAPI optimization works is that the client machine connects to exchange server on port 135. The exchange server tells it what port to connect back to. In your case it seems like you have limited it to port 24577 only.


    Now the Steelheads tell the client machine to connect to the exchange server on port 7830 instead of 24577. This way steelhead know that the traffic is MAPI traffic and it can apply its optimization blade.


    However, from the server side steelhead to the exchange server, the steelhead makes the connection using port 24577 so that the exhange server thinks that the client is connecting to it on port 24577.


    Hence the one tcp connection from client machine to the exchange server which looked like


    Client_IP:ephemeral_port --> exchange_server_IP:24577 now looks like


    Client_IP:ephemeral_port --> Exchnage server_IP:7830 [this is intercepted by the client side sh] === Client_side_sh_IP:ephemeral_port --> Server_side_sh_IP:7800 === [server side sh makes connection to exchnage server using client's IP] Client_IP:ephemeral_port --> Exchnage server_IP:24577