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Why Can't I get License Approval for Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition 17.5 PL6

Sarpdoruk Tahmaz

Hey there everyone,


I have tried getting a free 6-months license with 3 different PCs running Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 but I cannot pass the license approval process.


Riverbed Modeler AE 17.5 PL6 opens License Manager and redirect me to https://rpmapps.riverbed.com/ae/4dcgi/REG_TransactionCode in which I write my License Request Code and get my License Approval Code. When I paste the License Approval Code to the manager and click next it says "Invalid Approval Code. The License Approval Code has expired". This means Riverbed provides me an invalid code, is this really possible ?


All of my PCs gives me the same error and I cannot use the program.


Since I have an assignment for Friday I need to get the license ASAP.


Can anyone help me out ?


Thank you in advance,


Sarpdoruk Tahmaz


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