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AppResponse Metrics to Reports

Jared Poli

Hi all,


I'm looking at moving over to AR 11.4 from AR 9.6. We currently have a service setup that is requesting and consuming AR metrics via the Web API.


I've been browsing for a clear way of accomplishing this task in AR 11. It appears that Metrics have been depreciated, yet, the same information is available at an even more granular level through Reports in Steelscript?


Am I correct in this assessment?


If so, is there a list of available metrics in Steelscript? It appears they are called columns (?) now, and while I have found the list in the AR 11 user guide, it appears more like descriptions than a technical document that can be used to pull the relevant data. Example of previous 9.6 metrics below.


ARTOInitial Application Response Time (TCP Servers)
BYTITraffic (Inbound)
BYTIOTraffic (Inbound and Outbound)
BYTOTraffic (Outbound)
CCNIConnections (TCP Servers)
CCNOConnections (TCP Clients)
CDIConnection Duration (TCP Servers)


Thank you for your time!