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Making metrics from your existing scripts via NETIM

Greg O'Reilly

Not sure if everyone is aware, but we have a feature in NETIM 1.3 and 1.4 (Soon to be released) that is called GMC. GMC stands for General Metric Collector.


If you have been using the Synthetics to date, you are probably already quite aware of how important and easy synthetics tests are to deploy and use for supporting your critical applications.

GMC is going to change the way you approach monitoring applications synthetically by reaching further into any technology via your existing scripts. Synthetics in NETIM currently give you a YES/NO answer with a response time recording. GMC will extend this and allow you to run any script in any language and transalate the results into meaningful business metrics


Perl script to count number of files in a folder (might be an EDI solution, FTP folder etc)

SQL Script to measure tablespace (DBA land!)

SQL Script to measure query results, like how many orders in the last hour (Anything you think is important)

Powershell script to report number of failed logon or password lockouts (your IT team will love this)

curl to query a restapi (everything is an API these days)

Powershell to read a JSON file (any file in fact)

perl script to count how many "items" in a log file (error, exception, or account disabled)

...this list of endless, but if the result is numerical, it can easily become a metric and you can display in Steelcentral or alert into your service management platform.

If you are interested in some examples, let me know, I can post on on here. Or, if you are wanting to try this out on your existing scripts with NETIM.(start small), give me an idea of the script and results...we can help you map them into metrics and display on your Steelcentral Portal Dashboards.

Working at my current customer, we have so far developed metrics for just about anything that moves. The main and high impacting metrics are from SAP Oracle Tables and Critical Transaction Indicators....reporting invoice processing status, booking volumes, queue depths for customer quote processing, EDI throughput and the list is growing!


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    steve greathouse

    I'd like to see some examples of this and how to implement them.

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      Greg O'Reilly

      Hi Steve,


      Here is an example using a SQL Query that returned the following data - these are invoice processing status messages in SAP:


      Batch State



      Import Successful


      Awaiting processing - CJK doc


      Awaiting processing  - Large doc


      OCR Failed


      OCR failed - Large doc


      OCR Successful


      OCR Successful  - Large CJK Doc.


      Recovered Extraction Failure


      Classification Failed


      Classification Successful


      Awaiting Verification


      Ready for Export


      Failed Export

      Not Imported EDI

      Not Imported EDI

      Not Imported MAIL

      Not Imported MAIL

      Not Imported SCAN

      Not Imported SCAN


      Using an MTR File, which maps the above, a bit like mapping a csv file, we end up with a dashboard like this:




      Let me know if you want more details...or if you have ideas, I can help you get them dsplayed on portal...its as easy as mapping a CSV file.

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    Alejandro Tovar

    Hey Greg:


    This is a concern from one client:


    I am currently using database synthetic test to alert when free space of some sybase database drops below to certain level, however it has many limitations such as the need to configure two synthetic tests for every database and the impossibility to graph the actual free space.

    I´d like to know if it´s possible to graph free space of multiple databases using GMC, if so, Could you show me an example? Do you know any other way to graph and alert database free space using NetIM?


    Any ideas?





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      Greg O'Reilly



      To be clear, the NETIM Synthtics are only going to give you a YES/NO and a response time for all the checks. Database for example, you can either run a SQL - but the synthetics are inspecting the response for integrity only. They will not use the results to say high or low etc, only YES/NO GOOD/BAD.


      NETIM GMC, this is a custom script method of polling that slightly differs to Synthetics where you CAN use the values. It can be a script that polls any value from anywhere....if you can script it, extract a value, then thats all we need.


      1. You have a script, any language, that connects and executes a sql query. Run the script via a scheduler and write the results to a file.

      2. Map the results file to an MTR mapping file (like mapping values to metric names)

      3. Create the Custom Metrics (Orders_number_type or Order_type_country), name it anything you like

      4. Add the metrics to a dashboard, add a threshold, add an alert


      Database Free Space - if you have a script that connects and runs a query, then share the results on here, show me what the resutls look like. I can help you map this. Once you map the results to metrics (% free space, tables with low space, number of rows etc) its pretty easy to bring into NETIM/PORTAL.