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iPad Pro WiFi Issues?

John Stone

As of this year, our iPad Pro's (2nd Generation 12.9-inch Wi-Fi) have started giving users issues with WiFi. We thankfully only have a small number of them but teachers report that they have to restart the iPads multiple times a day because they lose WiFi. We have tried pretty much everything we could think of from modifying/restoring our Xirrus access points, re-authenticating/forgetting network/resetting network settings , switching from 5GHz to 2.4GHz , issuing a brand new model all with no success. Sometimes this issue does not happen for a couple days , and other times its frequent. This issue does not happen to any of the other 2,200 iPads we have across 4 buildings, only the 12.9 pro's. Anyone experiencing the same thing? I am waiting for someone to report it again to try to grab a iOS console log to see if there is anything useful in there... thanks

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    Colin Findlay



    We had this problem intermittently around a year ago but it wasn't just limited to iPads - we experienced difficulty with iPhones, specifically 5si & SE models.


    Turned out to be an Apple iOs issue in the long run.


    Might not be the resolution to your specific issue but another avenue worth exploring.




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