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Odd Error Message

Ken Vance



We have both direct internet access and proxy internet access.


The proxy is a TMG

The direct internet access is via a firewall with natting (Palo Alto solution)

The in-path rules are full transparency, and with optimisation stripped to almost nothing (for testing)


Using SSL Proxy Support, and when we access web pages which may have content accessed over the direct accessed internet, and content accessed over the Proxy server we are seeing incomplete web pages. The problem is its not consistently the same content and occasionally it works fine.


Looking in developer tools, we can definitely see some content is not reaching the client (no real pattern as to whether its via direct access or the proxy solution), and in the Steelhead logfiles we are seeing the following, numerous times per test:


sport[2318]: [encoder.INFO] 253 {CFE IP:57099 SERVER IP:443} (PC IP:57099 SERVER IP:443 CFE IP:7801 SFE IP:7800) send_eof_err() called after eof


If we disable SSL Proxy Support the issue goes away


Any help gratefully appreciated