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Assistance with QoS Policy

Ken Vance

Hi All,


I'm writing a QoS shaping and marking policy for an estate of Steelheads and wonder if anyone can assist with the following:


Say the branch site has a 10M link;


What % would you generally allow for Skype For Business ?

What % would you allow for Office365 ?


Additionally, we have 2 paths to the internet. After reading the Riverbed documentation you can modify the default site to protect other apps (eg: office 365_ from Internet browsing but how would it cope with 2 internet links?


Any help would be gratefully appreciated

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    Guillaume 74

    Hi Ken


    I do  not set % for app but for the class itself, and put apps in the classes

    I use the 6 classes  provided by the Qos Engine.


    Lync in Real time

    O386 in Business Critical


    I set the min max % for the 6 classes


    here my summary it works fine for me after a tunning period of course !

    RT                     15       50

    interactive         15       80

    BC                     30      100

    normal               20      100

    LP                     10      100

    BE                     5        100



    the summ of min = 100%

    the max is just a value a don't want the class to go further. Especially if  I made a mistake (ie a FTP set to Real time, if you allow 100% to RT you are dead !!!)


    futhermore RT should manage with 50%, as it is not big transfer


    And of course I allow up to 100%, why not use all the bandwidth when the link is empty, except for RT  as I said previously




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      Ken Vance

      Hi Guillaume 74,


      Many thanks - this is exactly what I want - just need somewhere to begin.


      Just one question - are you applying markings or is that done elsewhere?



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        Guillaume 74

        Hi Ken


        Yes I do use DSCP marking in the classes, because we have QoS in our WAN (MPLS). and we ask our wan providor to trust our DSCP marking.


        the only caveat is we have 3 classes D1 D2 D3  (and EF only for some locations)


        so I need to put 6 Steelhead classes in 3 MPLS classes !


        So I put the first 3 classes in D1 (AF31)  and EF for Real Time  for few locations (where we have voice channels)

        normal in D2 (AF21)

        LP in D3 (AF11)

        BE in D3 OoP  (out of profile) (AF12)  this allow us to have like "one more" classe in the MPLS



        as the SH will do the QoS before the router, we can imagine the router receives the paquets in right order, so the QoS is mainly done by the SH, but we know  it is kept in the wan itself.