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ATX/OPNET Extension Manager installation

Lenny Monastyrsky

I have updated my trusted ATX to the latest Transaction Analyzer, and lost the use of ATX/OPNET Extension Manager. I reinstalled it, to no avail. It has some valuable extensions such as search for RST, sequence gaps, others. How do I make the Transaction Analyzer recognize the ATX/OPNET Extension Manager?

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    Nicolas Leszczynski

    Here is a suggested workaround to this: the actual python scripts installed by the ATX Extension manager can be run through TA 17.5 directly: for instance get the RST packet finder that you mention TCP RST Finder this is a .opext.zip file:

    *unzip to .opext.zip file => gives you the file rstfinder.110.opext

    *rename rstfinder.110.opext to rstfinder.110.zip, then unzip => it builds a folder with a few files in it. You want the tcp_rst_finder.py script. You can run this script through TA console: "Advanced -> Run Script" and point to this tcp_rst_finder.py file:


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      Nicolas Leszczynski

      And for the brave .. ( as in : not really supported ): you can even add a menu for your favorite scripts: here I added that same TCP rst finder script in the Advanced menu:



      All you have to do is:

      *copy the python script ( here tcp_rst_finder.py ) to the /sys/lib/ directory of TA 17.5

      *edit the following file: /sys/config/ta_py_ops.ets as follows:



      New section here for convenience:



      operation: exec_function tcp_rst_finder ace_main

      menu string: "Find RST Packets "

      menu header: "Advanced:Example Scripts"

      position: 400




      Now you just need to restart TA and the menu should show the name "Find RST Packets", and it should run that script ( main function of tcp_rst_finder )