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Change NetSensor for NetIM report reference on Portal

Alejandro Tovar



This customer is migrating from NetSensor no NetIM. He's also using SCPortal to display reports from these products and others such as ARX appliances.


The migration from the NetSensor (named "apm1") to the NetIM server (named "apm1new") is supposed to be easy (there is this scripts-based procedure on the installation manual), but after that, we still have to change the new server's IP address and name, as the current NetSensor server (apm1) will be decommissioned.


As you may see, then the next step is change the NetIM IP address and name, to use the ones of the current NetSensor. This is because the Portal have many many panels and reports from NetSensor referred to a data source "apm1". The test engines will report to the new NetIM.



Then my doubts are:

Changing the name and IP address of NetIM will be enough to preserve the reports and panels on SCPortal?

If not, is there any "script" to change all the references at the SCPortal, from the old apm1 server to the new one?


Thanks in advance and regards for your comments.


Regards all