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Import satellite orbit error

Rohith Radhakrishnan

I have been trying to import STK file onto Opnet 18.6. I am using STK version 11.3. I followed the

Wireless > Modeling Wireless Networks > Orbits tutorial . I am getting following error

Cannot import STK Orbit File: because no or invalid ephemeris data is found in the file.

Please use your STK software to create an orbit file that contains ephemeris data and try again.

To do this, please first select the "Satellite Tool Kit" window, right click on "STK" icon on the first line of the tree view and choose "Basic", in the "STK Basic Properties" dialog make sure the Save/Load Prefs have "Save Vehicle Ephemeris" checked on. Then in the tree view select the satellite whose orbit you would like to import, finally choose File/SaveAs from the menu bar to save a new .sa file.


I followed above the instruction and I am still getting error. Thanks