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Big Data is how many transactions?

Greg O'Reilly

Interested to know how many transactions you are storing in the field when running TTW or SCAI 10.


As you all know, AppInternals performs an excellent lightweight job in capturing everything continuously, have you ever looked at the number of transactions that your instances are churning out before? No, then you really should, because capturing everything means everything....URL counts or SQL counts are just the interesting/meaningful aspects of a CLR/JVM....a whole lot more is going on, event with no active business transactions.


When I talk to engineers or customers taking a look for the very first time....I always start with "this is Riverbed's big data..., its performs DNA matching against your transactions...", then I show them a few transactions and explore into an instance or exception.


If I show a transactioncount, the response is always huh, impossible, that's not right....then I quickly explain that the instrumentation is capturing everything single step for the lifetime of the process. Its pretty amazing!


In my current environments, our TTW 3.0's are collecting in the region of 166M transactions per day...a lot right!




And 962M transactions per week, wowzers!


All of the above on just 2TB of disk.


I'm interested to hear about your counts and experiences....