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SteelCentral SSH access - local(admin) and /or mazu only credentials ?

Raj Singh

We have few SteelCentral devices -

NetProfiler (ver 10.10),

NetExpress (ver 10.10),

Flow Gateway (ver 10.10) and

NetShark (ver 10.9.4).


I'm not sure whether it is by design or a known issue that one can't access these steelcentral devices via SSH using local (admin) or tacacs+ credentials but only mazu /bb!nmp4y login credentials.

I'm aware that for console access you have to use mazu login credentials but is it similar to access these devices via SSH as well.


However i can access NetShark using local/admin credentials.


Note: All the SteelCentral devices mentioned above can be accessed via GUI using local(admin) and tacacs+ credentials.



Please advise ....