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Do I need to enable prepopulation to propagate a patch?

Wasfi Bounni



Let's say that I as the storage admin decided to install a patch or a new application at the image hosted on the Data Centre LUN, how do I propagate that to the pinned LUN at the branch. Do I need to pre-populate? If so, would the pre-population be full or incremental. I am assuming here that the LUN has already been pre-populated once prior the the installation of the patch.





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    Tom Tasker

    Hi Wasfi,


    The first thing to be aware of is that the LUN projected to the SteelFusion Edge (SFED) is the authoritative version of the LUN.  Although it can be accessed and mapped to other servers in the DC due to its source location (the storage array in the DC) the authoritative owner of the LUN is the SteelFusion Edge Device.  As such adding any data to the LUN outside of the correct data path would cause certain data corruption and loss. 


    The best way to get a patch that needs populating to a remote site is to use a temporary scratch LUN, something that can mounted to either a Windows Server directly or via VMware indirectly.  This way you have the same data on the LUN at all times and it can be re moved and moved about each Edge device once it has been used. 


    When a LUN is removed from an SFED all the data associated with it is cleared from the cache, so you get to reclaim the space once the scratch LUN has served its purpose. 


    For a more permanent solution you can mount the scratch LUN to the SFED, copy the data across locally to a permanent LUN, and then disconnect the scratch LUN.  The same principle of a very big USB stick over much longer distances!