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How can we run diagnostic compliance on Netdoctor

Asif Younus

How can we run diagnostic compliance on Netdoctor.


QOS policy Configure on Devices

  1. 1) Policy QoS Es20
  2. 2) Policy QoS Es20+
  3. 3) Policy QoS Es+

Devices have different kind of Interfaces Hardware like below,

7600 ES+ DFC XL                 7600-ES+3CXL       JAE141602MK  1.1  


ESM20G Distributed          7600-ES20-D3CXL    JAE1212C3O4 1.0  


We need to check QoS policy on interfaces configuration that should be configured with correct policy.

If interface card type is (ES+) then match (policy Qos Es+) should be there.

If interface card type is (ES20) then match (policy Qos Es20) should be there.

Then check under device running configuration (policy Qos Es20/ Policy QoS Es+)  and match with the provided template.

  • Re: How can we run diagnostic compliance on Netdoctor
    Sudhin Bengeri

    You can use the Operational Show Command Validation rules (aka the template checker rules) for such a policy compliance check.


    Here is what you would require to do in brief, please refer to the NetAuditor user guide for further details.


    - Create template specification XML file (you can start with example spec files provided in [install-dir]\models\module_ref\netdoctor\Example_Rule_Parameter_Files\Operational_Show_Command_Validation\3122\match)

    - In the template spec file you define the following:

    -- device match criteria to identify devices you want to check

    -- configuration file match criteria to identify the show command output to check - show running or other show commands

    -- Groups of checks - where you can define sections (e.g., interface config section), and which commands (specified in a text file) that need to be present in those sections

    - Launch the Configure/Run NetDoctor dialog box, expand the "Operational Show Command Validation" rule suite and check either the vendor-OS specific Show Command Output Differs from Template File rule

    - Specify the directory where the above template spec file is created as the Match template specification

    - Enable XLSX reporting (if needed) by checking the export to spreadsheet checkbox in the setting tab

    - Save and run NetDoctor


    Hope that helps.