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Appresponse API

ramesh yadav

Does Appresponse 9.6 support API which can be used to integrate with third party monitoring software?

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    Marc Ribet

    It depends about which kind of information you are looking for but there is a Web Services API that could be used to retrieve metrics computed by the solution.


    Please check the doc :


    User Guide > AppResponse Web Services


    It is very easy to get the URL when using the Java console:


    Tools -> Preferences -> Web Service and check the option "Display Web service URL in tables and charts" and you can add/remove the password for the URL.


    Now open any table, select a cell for a metric like throuhgout In+Out for example, right click and at the bottom use Web Service URL -> avg or top.


    Copy/Paste in a browser (check if you need to add the password or not).

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      ramesh yadav

      Dear Marc,

      Thanks a lot for your reply.It is very helpful.


      My customer wants to integrate Appresponse metrics like network utilization,server response time  and other performance metric into their centralized monitoring Dashboard since they have multiple vendors for APM and NPM (Appdynamics,dynatrace,appneta).

      Is this possible with ARX to do so?

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        Marc Ribet

        Yes, this is what other customers are doing if they do not want to use SteelCentral Portal since it is currently accepting only Riverbed data sources.


        For example using wget to get the throughput In+Out for a Business Group called Site PB6 for the recent hour:


        c:\Programs\GnuWin32\bin>wget --secure-protocol=TLSv1 --no-check-certificate "https://<ip>:8443/webservice/DataServiceServlet?type=averageValues&UserName=admin&Password=*****&numGroups=1&groupType1=BusinessGroup&groupArgument1=Site+PB6&metrics=TPIO&start=1491979320&end=1491990120&showOnlyValidData=true&showGroupPath=false&csv=true" -O result.txt


        c:\Programs\GnuWin32\bin>more result.txt

        Group,Throughput (Inbound and Outbound) [kb/sec]

        Site PB6,0.6494711111111111