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How to integrate SteelHead with SteelConnect?

Wasfi Bounni



SteelConnect is a fantastic SD-WAN solution, but how do we bring in the WAN optimization in it





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    Akshay Kakar

    Hi Wasfi,


    Thanks for reaching out. You asked a very relevant question…


    SteelConnect, Riverbed’s SD-WAN product, currently interoperates with SteelHead (WAN Optimization). As we continue to bring products together, SteelHead and SteelConnect will share increasingly deeper insights into application intelligence that will make the ‘whole greater than the sum’, if I may. In fact, we are also targeting to launch a converged, single-box solution very early in 2017 (planned timeframe). This means that WAN Optimization and SD-WAN will be offered together on a single CX 70 series SteelHead appliance.


    In case you’re interested, we have similar integrations with our visibility product line (SteelCentral) as well. For instance, you would only need SteelConnect Manager (the centralized console for the SD-WAN solution) for detailed insights into portions of the network that can be improved and make policy-based improvements - all from the same centralized console.


    Please let us know if you need additional information.



    Akshay Kakar