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199-01 exam

Lorena Beatriz Santos

I am studying for the exam 199-01 . Does anyone have any study material ?

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    Mohammad Morshed

    I am also looking if anyone can help that will be great .

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    Andrey Zhuk

    The new RCSP-W exam is TOUGH. I am a current RCSP-W holder and have recertified twice with flying colors. I took the new exam last week and failed with 50%!!!


    There is a ton of KB article trivia on the exam. Below are some things to review. Make sure you are logged in to the Riverbed Support site to proceed. Oh... and know your Interceptor and Cloud SteelHead stuff.


    Good luck!



    How do Interceptor appliances process TCP SYN and SYN+ packets?

    Solution Number: S14086        


    How does the Interceptor handles ICMP packets?

    Solution Number: S17959


    MTU guidelines for Interceptor in-path interfaces

    Solution Number: S14463


    Interceptor Management with SCC

    Use the SCC to perform the following administrative tasks on managed SteelHead Interceptors:

    • Configuration of event notification
    • Collection of logs
    • Configuration of backup and restore functions

    SCC features NOT supported on the SteelHead Interceptor include the following:

    • Automatic configuration of new SteelHead Interceptors
    • Sending of configuration settings to SteelHead Interceptors in remote offices
    • Initiating centralized configuration and reporting on SteelHead Interceptors

    WCCP Messages

    • Redirect Assign - Sent by the designated Steelhead appliance to determine flow distribution.
    • Here I am - Sent by Steelhead appliances to announce themselves.
    • I see you - Sent by WCCP enabled routers to respond to announcements.
    • Removal Query - Sent by router to check a Steelhead appliance after missed “here I am” messages.


    You can have a maximum of 32 SteelHeads in your WCCP deployment.


    You must enable connection forwarding in a WCCP cluster. With connection forwarding enabled, the WCCP load balancing algorithm considers the total number of in-path interfaces of all neighbors in the service group when balancing the load across the interfaces. If you don’t enable connection forwarding, the SteelHead with the lowest IP address assigns all traffic flows to itself.


    If your deployment requires the use of GRE return, the SteelHead automatically changes the maximum segment size (MSS) for connections to 1432 bytes. You can overwrite this option with the no wccp adjust- mss enable command, although Riverbed does not recommend it.


    Understanding WCCP MASK assignment

    Solution Number: S18173


    Slow performance with Excel .xlsx files

    Solution Number: S14859      


    Duplicate Datastore ID

    Solution Number: S15060


    Packet Mode Optimization

    Packet mode optimization supports only correct addressing. Packet mode optimization does not support autodiscovery and requires that you configure fixed-target, packet-mode, in-path rules.

    Downgrading to a RiOS version that was not previously installed on a Steelhead

    Solution Number: S15951

    Solution Number: S13453


    RiOS Upgrade Rule

    Solution Number: S14742


    Upgrading to SteelHead 9 and QoS Migration

    Solution Number: S25532


    Upgrading from RiOS v8.6.x (or earlier) to version 9.0 automatically migrates a previous QoS configuration to a new configuration. The migration process is transparent and happens during the first boot-up of RiOS v9.0 on a SteelHead. During the migration, RiOS creates one QoS profile for each service policy.


    Note: When you downgrade a Steelhead appliance to an earlier RiOS version, all changes to the QoS configuration are lost. The Steelhead appliance uses the most recent valid settings used with the RiOS version it is downgraded to.

    Will QoS still work if the optimization service is stopped?

    Solution Number: S15969       

    Yes. The QoS engine runs at the kernel level independant of the optimization service. The only requirement is to have the interfaces which have QoS configured to be enabled and in "up" state.


    Riverbed QoS is flow based. For TCP, the SteelHead must detect the three-way handshake or it cannot classify a traffic flow. If a traffic flow is not classified, it falls into the default class.

    Joining SHM Cluster Prerequisites

    Note: Before attaching this SCCM to the cluster, please verify it has the same Signing CA certificate as other SCCMs in the cluster.

    SMC License Management

    Initially, by default, the Mobile Controller collects up to 100 licenses (if they are available), and then acquires more if needed. If no licenses are available when the Mobile Controller comes back online, it is not able to check out licenses until they are released from other Mobile Controllers.


    SHM Client Connection Icons


    Cloud SteelHead / SaaS

    What proxy certificates do I need to generate?

    Solution Number: S16076

    GeoDNS IP address differentiation from the Connection Report

    Solution Number: S26400

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    Andrey Zhuk

    So I did pass the new RCSP-W exam on my second try. My full notes I used to pass can be found here:


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    michel boulay



    Just a point, as steelconnect will be implemented in Steelheads in the next weeks i think that next year certification will change a lot

    I'll wait new one to certify


    My best regards

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    Amit Temkar

    I have gone through RCSP-W blueprint. But can anyone inform if there is any other material apart from deployment guide.

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    Dayo Awonoiki


      There used to be a youtube channel ArrowRiverbedTeam with videos for RCSA and RCSP-W. I started using some of those videos for learning only to find out that all the videos have been removed or deleted. - I had not downloaded the videos. I have also searched all other certification vendors for any riverbed related trainings but nothing out there! ...Rather disappointing!

      To be honest, the solution article approach for a certification program is non-constructive unstructured and extremely disruptive for anyone learning these products. IMO ...Solution articles would address situations out of the normal/default expected operation ...e.g. bugs or abnormal behaviour ...etc. There are thousands of articles out there for different variations of issues that can occur and I doubt learners are meant to be memorizing/studying solution articles for a certification program - I may be wrong?

         I know some cats will argue the "experience/hands-on" parable but running technical videos running through the entire content of the certification and the relevant best practices deployment guides will be extremely helpful. Other vendor Certification programs that have been successful usually have these facilities for easier learning.

       Are there any videos for the RCSP-W that can be shared for learners?

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    Marcio Andrade

    Hello all,


    Unfortunately the exam have many question that is out of the normal (even recommended by Riverbed) deployment and is very hard to pass (failed twice, but won't give up), so I recommend that we study all guides (insane) in every detail.

    Having "hands-on experience" will not help much because the exam request experience (deeply) in all possible deployment and all the details possible.

    Good luck for all!

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      liu chao

      Hi, Andrade

      Good day !


      thank you for sharing your experience.

      could you advise when did you take the last try for this exam? I'm preparing the exam so I want to know

      the latest status.


      Best Regards !



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        Marcio Andrade

        Hi Liu,


        I did  Sep 30th and be ready, the exam is hard.

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        Neil Graham

        I took it yesterday.  I've recert twice before and i scored a 47% on this one.  I was woefully unprepared. So i'll have to go back and find study material for all of the new topics.  Andrey Zhuk's post has a lot of useful suggestions.  But there are 60 questions on the test. 








        Some networking.

        oh yeah and SteelHead

        and im sure some other stuff too that i missed

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          Marcio Andrade

          Hi Neil,


          Don't forget that there is a lot of questions for WCCP, Interceptor and Mobile. Many detail questions!

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          liu chao

          Hi, Neil

          Good day !


          So sorry to hear that but I hope you can take it next time! also me!


          I have searched a lot but only find the blueprint for the latest version.

          For the Deployment  Guide and User Guide ,I don't know if you have checked already or not, I'm reading now.


          And according to the latest blueprint, we can see the  QUESTION DISTRIBUTION as below, including these topic as below.Is there any other topic you have met during the EXAM ?


          Hopefully you can reply and update the details you met and we can have a talk for this hard EXAM.






          Best Regards !

          Liu Chao

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    Francois van Deventer



    We provide electronic study guides for delegates that attend our instructor led courses. These delegates have access to these study guides for a long time. It's also automatically updated with new study content.




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      David Ponsdesserre

      hello Francois,

      I work for a Riverbed partner , are you able to share those study guides you are talking about ?

      Are thos the pdf accessible via evantage ?

      I have also attended the wan-200 training in bracknell,

      many thanks


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      liu chao

      Hi, Francois

      Good day !


      I'm also working in Riverbed partner now, and I tried this exam but failed last year.

      Hopefully you can share the study guides for delegates that attend our instructor led courses .


      Best Regards !

      Liu Chao

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        Jose Maria Rodriguez Barroso

        When you go to the training, you will receive the documentation as a secure ebook.

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          Marcio Andrade

          Hello all,


          Unfortunately the exam have many question that is out of the normal (even recommended by Riverbed) deployment and is very hard to pass (failed twice, but won't give up), so I recommend that we study all guides (insanely) in every detail.

          Having "hands-on experience" will not help much because the exam request experience (deeply) in all possible deployment and all the details possible, even for my with more the 10 years experience with  SteelHead and SteelFusion products it's being hard to pass. Also the exam is more TRICK than even  CCIE exam (awkward and I don't know why)


          PS: The WAN200 training and the guides are not enough to pass the exam because the exam have many trick questions and many also are too subjective.


          Good luck for all!

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            Jose Maria Rodriguez Barroso

            I highly recommend everyone to read the exam blueprint, is a very common misconception than the WAN200 is "enough" for a RCSP-W, but is not: please also take the 310 and the 350... or have a very solid knowledge.





            The Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional exam, and therefore this blueprint, covers the Riverbed products and technologies up to RiOS version 2.0.2 for the SteelHead EX appliances and VSP; version 8.0.4 for the SteelHead and SteelHead™ (virtual edition); version 8.0.0a for the SteelCentral™ Controller forSteelHead, version 4.0.1 for Interceptor, and version 4.0.3 for the SteelCentral™ Controller for SteelHead Mobile.

            This publication does not replace practical experience, nor is it designed to be a stand-alone guide for any subject. Instead, it is an effective tool that, when combined with education activities and experience, can be a very useful preparation guide for the exam.


            Riverbed Recommended Training Courses


            WAN200 Optimization Essentials


            WAN310 Optimizing Enterprise Applications and Protocols


            WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures


            Additional Information on Riverbed Training can be found at:

            http://www.riverbed.com/services-training/training/. You can also write

            to training@riverbed.com.


            Riverbed authorized training courses and Riverbed Certification are mutually exclusive programs. This means that certification is not directly mapped to specific training courses and vice versa. We recommend certain courses but in no way does that automatically qualify or

            prepare you for the exam.

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              Marcio Andrade

              Hi Jose,


              I understand all the points  that you mentioned, but the current exam (W and HCB) is far from guides and training class. It has many trick questions with too subjective matters, in other words training, guides and experience (and I have more than 10 years with Riverbed products) won't be enough because it will depend to guess what the exam maker thought about the question, once is too subjective and base in my field experience the answer for many of those questions will have answers that is NOT the one that is correct (base in what the exam team thought and did).


              I understand that the exams are important to evaluate who is really capable to handle projects and configurations, but due to the change is kind insane study 6 guides with 600 pages each to answer 60 questions. Also, MY field experience is very particular and focus on each client's needs and because of that MANY implementation do not even follow the guides or training classes.


              Well, anyway I'm a fighter and won't give up so easily, so I will have both certifications (W & HCB) by the end of April, including my RCSI.


              Good luck and study for everyone!!! 

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        Francois van Deventer



        We could get the ebook access resent to those who attended the training in the past couple of months.



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    Jennifer McNeil

    Please use this link to find CURRENT blueprints. There are a number of places people have put the blueprints, but this is the ONLY place that Certification (me) updates the blueprints;




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    David Ponsdesserre

    Hello ,

    I passed my RCSP-W last week by levearing on those notes plus some reading of the guides mentionned in the Bluerpint and of course some practical experience .

    Thanks Andrey !!!

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    Evandro Moreira

    I passed today studying all the deployment guides and the notes from Andrey Zhuk. Thanks Andrey!!!