RPM Dashboards Exclusion Rule

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Current grouping by live feeds in RPM Dashboards (v2.3) can be achieved using Pattern-Based Topologies and matching display strings. This is useful, especially with web transaction analysis, as all pages can be aggregated into a useful grouped metric for quicker analysis and clarity of dashboard. I have not come across any feature to exclude specific functions from display.






  1. Add the functionality of an exclusion rule to Pattern-Based Topologies so that everything can be displayed excluding specific fields. Current attempts of this add the unclassified groupings into an 'other' or 'unknown' group which has created ambiguity and questions have been raised by customers regarding the display.
  2. Add the functionality to Right-Click on an element and create on-the-fly exclusion rules for specific values so that this metric will not be displayed in the future within that specific element panel


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