PXE Boot optimization (TFTP)

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Were using a central managed client Imaging using LanDesk. Imaging our Clients will be done via Preboot Execution Environment.

(If a request is heard that includes a PXE boot request, the PXE Representative sends the requisite information to allow the client to use the PXE representative as a boot server. An image (WinPE, DosPE or LinuxPE) is then transmitted to the client via TFTP from the PXE representative. That image is loaded into RAM and the machine loads the preboot environment.)

With our custom Build including a TFTP/UDP Proxy the transfer of the Preboot Image will be optimized, unfortunately this is currently not Part of RiOS and we need to get a custom Build with every major release from Professional Services.

So our goal will be to get PXE boot TFTP Optimization into RiOS.


To show the Performance Increase on the Transfer time we simulate a 2 Mbit line with 200ms Latency.

Currently the full PXE Image which will be transferred via TFTP is in our Case currently 198MB in the latest version.

The Simulation shows a Performance gain of 96% on the Transfer time with warm datastore and decrease the Boot Time of the PXE Image to around 4 minutes. Furthermore a Bandwidth reduction of more than 90% will be reached with warm runs.



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