• Device is in Disconnected: network time out state on CMC

    Hi Guys,   steelhead device is in Disconnected state on CMC with network time out issues however I am able to login on device with GUI and CLI and device is optimizing traffic as expected, also 0% packet loss fr...
    Indrapal Rathor
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  • Certification Blueprints - update your bookmarks!

    Please update any bookmarks you have for blueprints. This is the ONLY place Certifications (me) updates the blueprints. Many other, out of date, versions have been copied by well meaning people.    &nb...
    Jennifer McNeil
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  • RCSA-W 101-01

    I am after some advice. My employer has asked that I pass the RCSA-W by June. I have already taken 1 exam with a score of 41%. My roles has me monitoring devices and dealing with any issues. I have never deployed or c...
    Barry Coull
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  • RCSP-W Exam prep !

    I want to pursue RCSP-W exam before November 2016 which will also recertify my RCSA-W title if I pass. I need to know that are there any videos available from Aaron Moore or any other instructor on the internet. Also ...
    Kshitij S
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  • RCSP-NM Exam 299-01

    I am studying to take the RCSP-NM 299-01 test, and would like to start a discussion on this.  Does anyone know why the test has 21 questions on APM on it? That is 25% of the test -  I would like think that w...
    Deborah DeCan
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  • Writing New statistic in the DES

    I already write code for new statistic in Riverbed and I would like to ask ,how I can  show the result of this statistic .   I wrote this new statistic in existed model in Riverbed .   How I can creat...
    Kenan Hares
    created by Kenan Hares
  • Statefull Connection Setup ?

    is there an option to setup state-full connection in any steelhead deployments
  • Access to RCSP Community forum

    Hi,   I passed my RCSP since the 2012-Jan-11. I readed some posts saying that the access to this community is automaticly granted, after a couple of week after our certification. But, nothing is coming. Did I m...
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  • RCSA certificate

    Hi All,   Kindly confirm if Riverbed sends printed certificate like other vendors such as Microsoft.   Thanks Hemant
    Hemant Sharma
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  • RCSP-W

    Is there an updated blueprint of the RCSP-W exam? The only one that I've found is nearly 1 year old. Have the blueprint and exam not been updated in that long?
    Robert Falconer
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  • RCSP-W Blueprint & Deployment Guides

    Hello,   The RCSP-W Blueprint says "The Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional exam, and therefore this blueprint, covers the Riverbed products and technologies up to RiOS version 2.0.2 for the Steelhead EX ...
    Shehjad Sayyed
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  • RCSP TIPS update

    Any tips for the RCSP exam from recent takers?
    m.advento .
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  • Access to RCSP community

    Hi,   I've passed the RCSP-W exam but I am still unable to gain access to the RCSP community, do I need to do anything else?   ID: RB00104500   Thanks!
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  • RCSP - V Exam

    Hello All,   After RCSP-W certification, I want to pass RCSP-V certification. If someone can provide more information and feedback about this certification was appreciate   Thank a lot   Regards, &n...
    Sofiene HAOUCHINE
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  • Reimage the Steel head device

    Hi team,   Is this possible to reimage the steell head appliane. If it is possible kindly share the procedure to do it.   Regards  Prakash
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  • Impact of "restart clean" command

    Hi Team,   We are using SH 2050M, we have received the system disk full error frequently. We have execute the command "support show disk" from that we got /var directory is 100%. As per riverbed documents, we ha...
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  • RCSP-W certified

    Hello All,   I'm just RCSP-W certified and I need to know if I do something to became member of this group?   Regards,   Sha
    Sofiene HAOUCHINE
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  • RE: Block a specific port from optimization without affecting location awareness

    Hi Team,   We are having the Riverbed steelhead appliances in several regions. Recently we are facing the issue like the ports which is not using in our application also getting optimized via SH appliance. So th...
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  • Passed RCSA-W

    Hi,   Long time lurker / user of the support portal, first time poster in the forums.   Passed the RCSA-W exam today and pretty happy about it.  Found the exam quite difficult in the respect you def...
    Malcolm Booden
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  • Access to RCSP Community

    Hi   Can you please assist me with access to the RCSP Community?   RB00101907   Regards, Paul
    Paul Pinto
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