SteelCentral AppInternals REST API Mini Workshop

SteelCentral Metrics API gives scripts and program access to some of the information that is available in the AppInternals UI. This video is based on a workshop that was delivered a while back, it shows the usage of the AppInternals REST API with some common examples. I have added a Postman .JSON file (based on the wonderful work of Jon Hodgson) that can be used to follow the video example or can be used as a starter project.



A couple of things you can try to test when you are using these examples:

  • Try to set    "include_timeseries": true,      to see time series data.
  • After setting timeseries to true, change the bucket size  "bucket_width_secs": 300,    to see time series in 5 minutes timeseries instead of 1 minute time series. Hint, 15 minutes time frame and 5 minutes buckets you should get 3 results instead of 15.
  • Change transaction type ID instance name to 21 to see the orders transaction, change application ID instance name to 2 to see data for the Tomcat application.


For the most updated information about SteelCentral REST API please refer to the documentation.

I hope you find this video and Postman JSON file useful.


Golan Shem-Tov