Happy TruePlot-oween!

As the AppInternals SME for the last 14 years, it's about time I joined the Splash discussion!


I've given a lot of presentations about how time-series charts often hide the subtle behaviors in the raw data.

Here's a quick & fun example of why AppInternals' Big-Data, no-sampling approach to APM is so powerful.

Coarse data hides a lot of detail:

01 - Coarse Data Large.png


AppInternals' 1-second granular data reveals a lot more of the subtle patterns occurring:

02 - 1-Second Data Large.png

But A LOT can happen in even a SINGLE SECOND!

Only TruePlot tells the complete story:

03 - TruePlot Large.png


...and before you chuckle and think this was photoshopped:

04 - This is not photoshopped Large.png

These are actual Big-Data APM transactions in AppInternals!

05 - Actual Big Data APM Transactions in AppInternals Alternate.png

06 - Raw Transactions.png

Hopefully this fun example illustrates how powerful AppInternals can be at exposing very complex behaviors in our applications.

Many thanks to Golan Shem-Tov for encouraging me to post this!


- Jon

Jon TruePlot Large.png