I use to create my own Insights for customers when they have special needs. So i think that I should share this one with you:
Basically this is how it works.
Every applications you create add Key Application in the descriptions field.
in every Business Group you create add Key Location in the description field.
Install the insight above.

Step 1. download the zip file to your desktop. unpack both files.

Step 2. open the ARX Java console

Step 3. open your update center from the insight menu

Step 4 make  local insights directory visible (if you haven't already)

Step 5 mark the new insight and hit install, Done


Didn't you see the insight in update center?
(you may add the desktop/pub to your local insight directory in Tools/Preference/insight)


tested on all 9.x versions.
run the insight and pick one Application in the list, now you can pick one or several BG locations to compare the result in the graphs on the right.
Feel free to modify to suits you own needs!


And yes, I know that ARX 11 is here and it won't work with this release, sorry for that, hopefully there will be a devtool for custom insights for arx11 as well.