SteelCentral AppResponse 11.2.0 Adds High-End 8170 with 40G NIC, UC Analysis and more

SteelCentral AppResponse 11.2.0 is a significant new release with substantial new functionality. The two goals of the release are scalability and upgrade support for AppResponse 9 customers. We now provide general availability of a competitive high-scale solution – the AppResponse 8170 with a 2x40Gbps NIC card to support high-speed data center links.


We also have full upgrade support of the AppResponse 9 appliances so you are comfortably able to start upgrading any of your current model AppResponse 9 appliances with the latest AppResponse 11 software. To ease the transition to AppResponse 11, we continue to improve the upgrade experience for customers, supporting more and different types of data and alerts with our AR9 “Archive” Virtual Appliance and Archive Storage Estimator.


Additionally, we introduced our fourth optional software module, Unified Communications Analysis. UCA provides real-time visibility and historical analysis into voice, video, and audio call performance.


Other features in the release are:

  • Customizable Storage – Chose between maximizing packet storage or metrics retention
  • Storage Monitoring – Monitoring AR11 storage hardware status and health
  • SNMP Trap Alert Notification – Set policy or hardware traps
  • Scheduled Reporting – Schedule, email and save PDF reports
  • Recent Favorites – Save up to 10 Favorites (Navigator) and Insights
  • FIPS 140-2 Certification – Cryptographic security standard
  • Backup/Restore for Configuration – Manually back up config data
  • CSV Import/Export – Import/export host groups and apps for editing or import to other systems
  • Traffic Diagnostics Insight – Diagnose whether your AR11 box is sick
  • DVD Install – Installation of software via DVD media