AppInternals Monitoring Docker Containers using Agent on the Docker Linux Host

Prior to version 10.10.0 the only option to monitor Docker containers was an agent running inside a container, as it was explained in the following documents:

- Jenkins building docker container images with AppInternals agent

- AppInternals Agent running on a Docker container (without supervisor)




In AppInternals 10.10.0 we introduced another approach to monitoring Docker containers using an agent installed on the Docker Linux Host, and sharing the agent directory with the containers. In this approach there is no need to install the agent inside the container.




These are the steps of the new process:

1. Install AppInternals 10.10.0 or higher on your Docker Linux Host

2. Set you initial-mapping and the used configuration file in /opt/Panorama/hedzup/mn/userdata/config/

3. Create an instrumented version of your Docker container using our new utility /opt/Panorama/hedzup/mn/bin/

    The result will be a new image  <original-image-name>-instr

4. Run the new image with the shared AppIntenrals agent directory

    For example:  on a docker host using the -v flag     -v /opt/Panorama:/opt/Panorama
                           on swarm using the --mount flag    --mount type=bind,source=/opt/Panorama,destination=/opt/Panorama

5. For JMX metrics you may need to Open Network Ports for Containers to Access the Docker Host


NOTE: For the full process information please check AppInternals Documentation


The new approach is demonstrated in the following video


I hope you find this useful.