AppInternals Agent running on a Docker container (without supervisor)

NOTE that starting version 10.10 we added another way of monitoring Docker containers from an agent running on the Linux host


As requested I am also posting my no-supervisor example.

Supervisor is not always a preferred option by customers, when you can't use fupervisor you can modify the start script to start dsactl.

This is a screen snapshot of my build directory



The attached file is the same as the build directory, the only thing that is missing is the appinternals agent installer for linux as I wanted to keep the file small. Please add the AppInternals agent installer to the extracted directory.


The Dockerfile does the following:

1.Start from an existing image (in this case dell/tomcat)

2. Add the appinternals agent installer

3. Copy the install properties  (make sure you modify the install properties to point to your Analysis Server)

4. Run the AppInternals Agent installer in silent mode

5. Replace the existing with one that has the call for dsactl start (note that if you choose to not auto instrument you will need to add a line for the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS

6. copy configuration, initial mapping (to start tomcat with the agent reporting) and tags.yaml


Run the tomcat build command

docker build -t mytomcat .


Run your docker containers and see them report to the Analysis Server.


I hope you find this document useful.


Golan Shem-Tov