Making Backup Workflow More Intuitive with VM-aware Backup

The release of SteelFusion v4.6 introduced the VM-aware backup feature that offers simplicity in how SteelFusion administrators manage backup workflows for their virtualized server environments.  It is much more intuitive way of managing backups then how it was done before.  In the previous LUN-centric methodology, the backup staging was performed per LUN.  However, administrators generally do not configure backups by LUNs.  They manage the workflows in accordance to how they are organized in a virtualized server environment.  In the VM-aware backup feature, the administrator can now create backup policies per ESX server.  SteelFusion can perform server-level backups within the SteelFusion Edge.  With this methodology, backing up at the server-level means that VMs with all their associated LUNs will be available for backup when registered at the backup proxy host.  Instead of backup workflows around LUNs, they are now VM-centric which is what administrators desire.


To show the new backup steps in a SteelFusion solution, I have recorded a demonstration of the new backup workflow along with performing a backup job using Veeam.