I am new to AppInternals, how do I start?

New AppInternals users have a lot of good resources that can help them get up and running.


Want to experiment with AppInternals in your environment?

You can sign up for a trial at our site SteelCentral SaaS



After you sign up all you have to do is install our AppInternals Agent with your application.

Depending on your application (Java/.NET, running on Windows/Linux you can follow the right installation video).


The AppInternals Walk-through is also a great video for people who are new to AppInternals





Additional good resource to assist you to get up to speed with the product:

  1. AppInternals product page
  2. AppInternals info and trial page
  3. We highly recommend taking the official training specifically
    • APM200 Application Performance Management Essentials
    • Application Visibility - Professional Level

               Please check the course description and products related to each course to choose the one that fits you the most.

    4. Register to riverbed labs where you can go through some online training.  Application Performance demos for example




     5. Register to our support site. In our support site you can



     6. Register to our Splash community product forum. Our product community is a great place to ask questions, read important documents and interact with other AppInternals users. Don’t forget to click Follow and add the inbox and connection stream.



               A couple of documents that were created specifically for new AppInternals Users


I hope you find this document useful.


Golan Shem-Tov