WebProxy basic command line to help you



For those of you working with WebProxy this might help.


When I did the first test with this feature,I felt very disapointed in the SH GUI there was nothing to check if it was working or not.


The only thing you can check is the Current Connections Report and see if there is a W in front of the line



When you have no W, you wonder if the issue is coming from the SH or the SCC push. Does the SH really get the policies pushed from SCC  ?


I opened a call and get a few command line


sh web-proxy status   will tell you if it is running or not (good start )


sh web-proxy ? will show you other interesting commands


A very interesting one, is no web-proxy enable  to stop the WebProxy service (you must run it in config mode)

and of course web-proxy enable to enable it


Restart of optimization service may be required  -->  restart


Please feel free to add your WebProxy tips here