Install SteelScript App Framework on a Linux box in Azure


Want to test or develop reports, plugins and app with SteelScript App Framework in Azure? Waiting to have the Riverbed preconfigured SteelScript VM 1.0 ready in a click in the Azure Marketplace , the following provides a step-by-step bash commands based procedure to install SteelScript App Framework from scratch on a Linux box, tested on a Linux CentOS 7.2 VM in Azure


This was done with the help of Mike Garabedian, Eric De Bressing and the online documentation:




Step-by-step command

System preparation

#1 Provision a linux VM Centos 7.2


#2 update system
sudo yum -y update
sudo shutdown -r


#3 Dev tools
sudo yum clean all
sudo yum groupinstall "Development tools"
sudo yum install python-devel

Deploy requirements and Steelscript App Framework


cd /tmp


#### pip -
wget "" -O ""
sudo python


sudo pip install steelscript
sudo steel install


sudo python install


sudo steel install --appfwk

sudo pip install reschema


#6 install
wget "" -O /etc/init.d/progressd
sudo chmod +xxx /etc/init.d/progressd
sudo chkconfig --add progressd


Create a SteelScript App Framework project (

sudo steel appfwk mkproject -d /tmp/MyProject
cd /tmp/MyProject ; sudo steel appfwk init



Edit configuration files


/etc/init.d/progressd, comment the following 3 lines and add the next lines below

#   dir="{{ virtualenv_apache }}/lib/python2.7/site-packages/steelscript/appfwk/progressd"
#   cmd="{{ virtualenv_apache }}/bin/python --path {{ project_root_apache }} --port {{ apache_progressd_port }}"
#   user="{{ project_owner_apache }}"
cmd="/bin/python --path /tmp/MyProject/  --port 5001"


/tmp/MyProject/, add 2 lines




Running the server

#1 progressd

sudo service progressd restart


#2 appfwk

cd /tmp/MyProject ; sudo python /tmp/MyProject/ runserver