SteelScript 1.0!

> steel install --upgrade


SteelScript has graduated into the big leagues, and has now reached version 1.0!


Many thanks go out to all of you!  You have provided great feedback, feature requests, and bug reports that have helped us make the necessary improvements and added stability to all of SteelScript.  These are the current versions for all of our SteelScript packages:


Core packages:

  steelscript                               1.0

  steelscript.cmdline                       0.6

  steelscript.netprofiler                   1.0

  steelscript.netshark                      1.0

  steelscript.scc                           0.6

  steelscript.steelhead                     0.6

  steelscript.stock                         1.0

  steelscript.wireshark                     1.0


Application Framework packages:

  steelscript.appfwk                        1.0         1.0


REST tools and libraries:

  sleepwalker                               0.5

  reschema                                  0.5


All of the Core packages listed above still work across platforms, so you can either create a new virtualenv, "pip install steelscript", then pip install the packages of your choice, or upgrade an existing installation with "steel install --upgrade".  Note that you cannot upgrade App Framework in this fashion, see the next section for more details.



App Framework Overhaul


We have tuned our App Framework to be more powerful by utilizing the leading celery distributed task manager to run all of our Jobs in parallel.  This improves performance for our more complex jobs, and simplifies much of our code as well.


A result of this tuning means we've added some additional external dependencies, so unfortunately App Framework installs on Windows is no longer supported -- instead, use our new VM that has everything packaged up nicely.


A number of other improvements to App Framework have been included:

  • Update AnalysisTable definitions and approach with new Job model
  • Update base Django to version 1.7
  • Support additional auth methods for Devices
  • Enhanced widget exports with token authentication
  • Add 'developer' menu, if enabled in System Preferences
  • Add support for custom data formatters
  • Improved documentation


We will be posting a guide to migrating your custom reports and datasource plugins to the new format soon!



CentOS-based SteelScript VM!


Keep an eye out for a separate post that details this separately, but all these updates now come packaged in a CentOS-based VM which should align more closely to most enterprise environments that use Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their networks.


Documentation on how to get around the VM and helpful aliases are shown in the SteelScript VM Usage page.



New Packages


Included our release list are some new packages joining the SteelScript family:



Connect to your SteelCentral Controller and get status, update configuration, and generate reports.  With the SCC's REST API support we have built an SDK package to simplify a great deal of the workflows you may want to use.


Run "pip install steelscript.scc" to get started!


Learn more by following the SCC Tutorial, or looking at the detailed class reference.



Demonstrating our plugin architecture and datasource extensibility, this package provides a connection to the Yahoo Finance API to retrieve stock quotes.  There is a core component, and a set of App Framework reports to visualize the information graphically.


Run "pip install steelscript.stock" to get started.  This package is also included in our SteelScript VM so you can see how it is integrated as an App Framework plugin.


Take a look at the source code on github and follow along with our tutorial on writing a new plugin that uses this package as an example.


sleepwalker and reschema

Rounding out our new additions are two special packages, which actually form the basis of our REST API definitions, documentation, and interaction.  Together they form the basis for how we at Riverbed create and interact with all of our APIs, whether internal or public facing.  Because they are so foundational, we wanted to make sure they were available to the broader community at large, and have made them completely open source.

Both of these packages are utilized by our newest package, steelscript.scc, and will provide a basis for many of our new features in the future.



Updated documentation and example scripts


Across all of our packages we have cleaned up documentation, improved the tutorials, and added new example scripts.  As before, our SteelScript docs can be found at:

And our API documentation can be found here:




Get started and upgrade to the new versions of SteelScript!  Let us know your comments, questions, and feature requests!