Podcast - Riverbed: Beyond WAN Optimization


Tune in as Riverbed’s Hansang Bae, Brad Wood, and Scot Wilson discuss how network engineers can conquer the complexities of today’s hybrid WANs. Hear about the latest advancements from Riverbed and why the company is primed to support the emerging SD-WAN market.

What’s Discussed?

  • The vast evolution of WAN optimization capabilities with the emergence of SD-WAN and other technologies
  • Optimizing application workloads wherever they reside—in data centers, the cloud, and branch offices
  • Going beyond DNS with GeoDNS to elevate performance for Office 365, Salesforce.com, and other leading SaaS apps
  • How to see from mouse click to disk to quickly detect and fix performance issues, regardless of who owns the infrastructure or where the problem lies
  • Prioritizing and directing traffic over the optimal network path—at the best cost—by bolstering QoS engines with deep application intelligence and business-intent management policies
  • Ensuring enterprise-grade security every step of the way

What Else Is Covered?

  • Learn why HTTPS is the new TCP
  • Hear why it’s time to give the IP address a funeral
  • Discover how Riverbed is “the good Skynet”