SteelScript Updates Available

Updates to most of our SteelScript packages have been posted to PyPI and GitHub!  The SteelScript Application Framework has received most of the new features, but we've also updated core SteelScript, SteelScript-NetShark, and SteelScript Appfwk Business Hours.  See the change listings below for details


How to update


Using a SteelScript VM


The SteelScript VM can be upgraded using the attached script, "".  Just upload to your server and run as the default vagrant user and it will update the SteelScript packages, download new dependencies and re-configure your Apache project.  Note that you will need to re-enter your devices passwords after this completes, but any new reports you've created should carry over just fine.


Other installations


Since we have updated some of the dependencies for steelscript-appfwk, the easiest approach is to actually uninstall then reinstall the packages, like so:


> steel uninstall

> pip install steelscript

> steel install --appfwk --steelhead


Once updated, you will need to migrate any projects to take advantage of the new reports and javascript code:


> cd <appfwk_project>

> python collectreports --overwrite

> python collectstatic --noinput

> python reset_appfwk --force


Note you may need to use sudo and/or activate a virtualenv to run these commands depending on how the project has been installed.




SteelScript Appfwk

  • Print views
  • CSV Downloads
  • Better Widget Embedding Support, including Token-based access
  • Global Alerts and Alert Reporting
  • Use the latest python pandas package (which is easier to install)


SteelScript NetShark

  • New and improved App Framework reports (now in bits!)

SteelScript Appfwk Business-Hours

  • Added By Application report
  • Improved support for long duration report requests
  • Start and End date support instead of End/Duration criteria

Core SteelScript

  • Bug fixes and documentation updates