Tutorial: Using ODK/ETS to Import/Export a Network Topology from/to a Text File

The goal of this tutorial/demo is to show how to create a workflow to import/export a network topology from/to a text document using ETS.


  • When the user click on the menu item to create a scenario from a text file, a new scenario will be created in the same project and the network topology in the text file will be deployed in the new scenario.
  • When the user clicks on the menu item to export topology to a text file, then the topology of the current scenario will be exported to a text file.

In order to keep this demo simple and easy to follow, this demo imports/exports a network with only 1 under the top subnet. Using the concepts explain in this demo, you can enhance the capability of demo to import/export network with multiple and hierarchical subnets.



  • In the attached zipped folder is a document describing the set-up for this tutorial/demo.
  • This tutorial was built in Modeler 18.0.2
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