SteelScript VM 1.0!

The latest set of SteelScript 1.0 code has been incorporated into a brand new VM image to help you get started quickly with our core SDK and App Framework!

This Virtual Machine is based on CentOS 7, which should be more familiar to many of you that use Red Hat in your enterprise environments.  Most of the locations have remained the same in this release, but a few new helpful aliases have been included.  You can see the full usage document here:

     11.2. SteelScript VM Configuration and Usage — steelscript  documentation


Links to the updated images:


OVA image - steelscript-vm-1.0-150928.ova (1.1 GB) (checksum)

VM Source Code - steelscript-vm-source-1.0-150928.tar.gz (1.2 GB) (checksum)

The source code for the complete virtual machine isn't necessary unless you'd like to peek at the components of the core OS.

See below for some Q&A's which should help get you started:


Q: What are the login credentials?

A: Once installed and running, the primary system login/password is vagrant/vagrant.  This password should work both via SSH as well as console access.  For the App Framework the default login/pasword is admin/admin.


Q: I've gotten it installed and running, what now?

A: See the README file when you first login at /home/vagrant/README, it contains lots of good information including how to access the server, and important security considerations.


Q: How do I deploy using the "ovftool" command?

A: An example using the command line ovftool:

> ovftool --diskMode=thin --net:"nat"="VM Network" steelscript-vm-0.9.3-141028.ova  vi://<esxi host>


Q: When importing the OVA, I get an error of incompatible hardware?

A: See this post for a reported workaround: SteelScript running after Riverbed FORCE (help)


Q: How can I build my own VM from scratch?

A: This VM was built using a vagrant configuration, and everything has been posted to github: riverbed/steelscript-vm-config · GitHub





Copyright (c) 2015 Riverbed Technology, Inc.


SteelScript VM is licensed under the terms and conditions of the MIT License accompanying the software ("License").  SteelScript VM is distributed "AS IS" as set forth in the License. SteelScript VM also includes certain third party code.  All such third party code is also distributed "AS IS" and is licensed by the respective copyright holders under the applicable terms and conditions (including, without limitation, warranty and liability disclaimers) identified in the license notices accompanying the software.