Triple-Play Architecture Demo


Chunhui Chen


More details:

This model includes two nearly identical scenarios that shows an example of network architecture for the delivery of Triple-Play services(Data, Voice, Video). It simulates end-to-end communications between residential customers and backbone network and measures the performance of network.


The whole network architecture is separated into three parts: Local network, Aggregation network, and Backbone network. In the "Local network" subnet, a number of Home networks are integrated into DSLAMs over xDSL connections. The maximal bandwidth is up to 24Mbps. In the "Aggregation" subnet, multiple DSLAMs are aggregated by Aggregation Switches. The "BRAS" is like an edge router that routes data packets between Ethernet network and IP backbone network. In the "Backbone" subnet, data, voice server and video sources are defined. All of traffic are forwarded using IP unicast or multicast. Throughout the network, VLAN7 is used with packet traffic.


This model can be used to study the basic performance of telecommmunication network architecture for multi-service. It can be easily extended with VLANs(VLAN per service, VLAN per subscriber).


Created on Modeler 12.0