How to Troubleshoot Steelheads with Wireshark

Ever had a tricky issue with optimized traffic, but couldn't put your finger on it?


This training presentation covers how to use WireShark, and other tools, to troubleshoot and analyze common issues with optimized traffic  It is great for newbies to WireShark or Steelheads, but also has unusual lessons learned for experts as well...not to mention a few classic Dilbert cartoons sure to make you laugh.


For you 'hard-chargers' who want hands-on, download the Lab pcap files and put your new network ninja skills to the test.

As a bonus, download and install the Steelhead Wireshark Profile in your local copy of WireShark .  It has customized coloring rules for optimized traffic, display filter buttons, and display filter lists.  It is sure to make your optimized traffic troubleshooting easier.  In classic Laura Chappell fashion, we used 'butt ugly' coloring rules to ensure the optimized traffic can't be missed.

Keep in mind, the WireShark display filters in this training can also be used in Packet Analyzer (formerly Pilot).

For a few free (but great) courses on WireShark go to Chappell University Online.

Enjoy, and please contribute to the community.