Bluetooth Simulation Model Suite (Suitetooth)

Author: Highland Systems, Inc.


This model suite should include three model directories

(SuiteTooth_ets, SuiteTooth_models and SuiteTooth_scenarios),

the SuiteTooth model document, and this file.



Model Installation:


This release of the SuiteTooth model suite is designed to

work with a Windows operating system running OPNET 9.1.A.


Instructions for installation of the SuiteTooth models may

be found in the SUITETOOTH INSTALLATION section of the

'SuiteTooth Documentation 2003' Word document. Proper

installation is required to use all of the SuiteTooth features.



Projects Included:


SuiteTooth_Coexistence_Study is a project created by Highland

Systems, Inc., with scenarios similar to those used by researchers

at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to study the

interference effects of coexisting IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth

devices. There are ten scenarios in this project.


SuiteTooth_Sample_Scenarios shows the types of scenarios that

can be created with the SuiteTooth Scenario Creation Utility.

There are four sample scenarios in this project, ranging from a

single piconet to 20 piconets with WLAN nodes.



  Inquiries may be addressed to:


             Highland Systems, Inc.

               (703) 312 0830